Who is shanica knowles dating

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Who is shanica knowles dating

This former teenage star grew up into attractive woman.Emily was born March 10, 1992 in Los Angeles, California.

She's admitted that she still may end up divorcing him.To complicate matters Hannah starts dating Clay’s son Oliver [Romeo Miller] and her mom [Tamala Jones] is involved with Clay.At one point Clay tells Hannah’s mom Martha: “Get her under control or I will.She told Britain's heat magazine: "Everyone is still very protective of Bey.She's trying to put a brave face on things but she may not be able to get over this.

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Of course, Beyonce's solo appearance had done just that, as it gave rise to the various speculations which have been making the rounds since the album dropped, increasing sales and publicity."They thought it was a good move that Beyoncé go alone this year to the Met.

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