Vagina intimidating

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To a sore vagina, Alexsis Mae's DIY padsicles are as soothing as you'd imagine.

All you need are some pads (the biggest kind you can find,) witch hazel, aloe vera gel, and some lavender essential oil.

This scene is one of the most memorable from the 2001 Neil Gaiman novel, and Badaki was intimidated—"to put it lightly," she says—by the prospect of filming it. With these sides, the mechanics around [this scene] never occurred to me. And what was even more heartrending for me was that it's different if you never understood what that [connection] was or could be, but if you have full knowledge of the beauty that was, and you're finding a dearth of it everywhere? If you can give me a metaphor, if you can give me a picture, I can get there faster. So on the day [we shot that scene], he came in and said, 'Fierce.' And yeah, you do all the research of the images, like the leopards and feeling the satin sheets, but him just saying "Fierce"—it took a couple of takes, and yes, I was feeling intimidated and nervous and vulnerable—but once that was all embraced, I had to take a moment and go, 'Yeah, I'm feeling scared. As an artist—maybe because of what we did in grad school and what we did in theater in Chicago—I'd always felt that you take the information that's given to you. You take the source material and you work it inside and out and learn everything about it.

But more important for the actress was getting to the heart of this iconic character—an entity starved of affection and forced to sleep with strangers, literally begging them to "worship" her, to keep herself alive. Even certain scenes that had spoken to me and brought up really large feelings that I couldn't quite put voice to at the time had 15 years to solidify. Oh wait, Bilquis is too.' And there it was."Badaki's Bilquis came out of her own research, discussions with the showrunners, and a conversation she had with her stepmother."Part of being a geek is I'm a big researcher. That's where the conversation really happens—when you take that amazing plate of gold they hand you and you bring all your work and all of you, it becomes this beautiful melding of story.

So I shared those kinds of things with Bryan, and we talked about the character. The Dude: Uh, and then, uh, the music business, briefly. the outset and with a steep learning curve, but once I got a feel for the kite things suddenly became smooth and simple, and lots of fun." The answer is yes, you did, in fact, witness a woman (Yetide Badaki) consume a man with her vagina mid-coitus. So I went the age-old route of going in and auditioning, and that scene that had initially spoken so strongly to me many years ago ended up being my audition scene.Also, she isn't exactly a woman; she's a goddess of love named Bilquis and she feeds on her sexual partners to maintain relevance as a deity. ' And then seeing Bryan Fuller on there, and Michael Green? Thankfully I had enough time for it to flower and grow, as I had grown over the years, and I guess it reflected in the room." head, as a woman trying to find love in LA in this day and age. That question of real, tangible relationships was something that had been flitting around in my head for a while. I literally just sat in the chair and read."That doesn't mean she wasn't nervous about filming it."David Slade's wife, at the dinner before, had said to me, 'Well, if you're gonna do it, you gotta go for it.' It was great that I had a chance to have some discussions with David before [we shot] because he has wonderful questions like, 'How do you work? [With acting] I say I'm very tactile, but I mean all the senses. You have this incredible writing from Bryan and Michael. There was also a corollary between a silent movie vixen trying to survive in a talkies world.

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Freezing your pads might sounds like some kind of strange voodoo, but trust me, you'll be addicted to how good it feels.

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