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I still have over a hundred old i Tunes purchases with DRM that don't work in my non-Apple devices. I still have over a hundred old i Tunes purchases with DRM that don't work in my non-Apple devices. The usual, free workaround is to burn those tracks to a CD, pop that CD back into the computer and have i Tunes copy the songs as regular, unlocked MP3 or AAC files. It's been over seven years since Apple began selling songs on Q. It's been over seven years since Apple began selling songs on i Tunes without "digital rights management" usage restrictions, but many of us still have those ancient files lying around, unplayable on Android phones and tablets, Sonos hi-fi systems and other gadgets that didn't come from Apple and can't run i Tunes.Much like the old 256 kbps purchases which you could re-download, I was being offered to opportunity to re-download my ancient m4p items. More interestingly, the copy that downloaded was an m4a file, not an m4p file. I decided to manually delete some of my m4p files from i Tunes (not from my computer) and see if the trick worked for them too. My album folder now contained two files for each track. I did not purchase i Tunes Plus for these items, I am not a member of i Tunes Match and I did not do anything special. Meanwhile last week, TUAW reader Christopher Chapin noticed that after i Tunes 11 debuted, the link from the i Tunes Store to i Tunes Plus was gone. A final tip: To find all the protected media in your i Tunes library, you'll want to add the Kind label to your Songs listings.A subsequent check of an i Tunes Plus support document showed that the direct link was dead. Right-click the columns header and enable Kind, then use that to sort your music. Sign into i Tunes, delete the songs (but not the files), and hopefully download them again via i Cloud. It'll take a while to open and will appear to be full of nonsense text, but if you choose the 'Find' option and type in the email address you have registered with the i Tunes Store, you'll find that your DRM-free music is not personal information-free.i Tunes Plus files aren't MP3s i Tunes uses a format called AAC, which is a more modern alternative to MP3, with the file extension '.m4a'.

Listed in my Songs section were a badjillion purchased items (mostly free songs of the week) that I had long since deleted from my computer. (Update: A little more than half of my m4p tracks converted successfully, 290 tracks in total.) This is the first I have heard about re-downloads being available as a courtesy for non-256K tracks, although I probably missed the news about it at some point.

Open i Tunes, go to the Store menu and select "Turn on i Tunes Match." Then wait: This service must audit your entire library to see which songs are in the i Tunes Store's current inventory and which ones must be uploaded to your private i Cloud library.

When it's done, you can use i Tunes to download DRM-free, 256-kbps replacements of every song matched, including those in the old format that i Tunes labels "Protected AAC" and I'll call "i Tunes Minus." And those free copies are yours to keep even if you cancel your i Tunes Match subscription.

If you're interested in an easy way to check your own files, find an i Tunes Plus file on your computer.

Then choose to open it with a text editor (Windows Notepad works fine).

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That is until finding them not to be what I expected.

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