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The video quality might get better, but the plot isn’t that much different.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, these photos are few years old, as it’s been a while since I’ve been to Prague and the SMM.

Prague’s Sex Machines Museum is located right near the Old Town Square in the center of town and is very much a touristy trap.

But, it’s also very much at home in Prague, considering the city’s reputation for slightly quirky sexual escapades due to things like the Big Sister brothel (which closed in 2010).

The Sex Machine Museum Store has red and black shirts available for purchase.As it measures only 19.6 inches at its narrowest point we would recommend doing this BEFORE you tuck into a lunch of roast meat, potatoes, dumplings and Pilsner. NU A bizarre sculpture placed outside of the Franz Kafka museum entitled “Piss”, it features two men “peeing” quotations from famous Prague residents into the water.Believe it or not, this installation is also interactive, and you can send an SMS to the, er, fountain(?So are most people when they vent about Tinder and how it has ruined dating/love/monogamy.Their argument is overly obvious: that it’s too easy to find a new (sex) partner, and therefore nobody settles down anymore, swiping the moment something goes wrong in a relationship. Your options were: meet through friends (and our circle of friends tends to dwindle as we get older, so that stops working by one’s mid-20s); meet at a bar (kind of like meeting on Tinder except when a guy comes up to you and says something creepy, you still have to engage instead of just putting your phone down); meet at Whole Foods (which never happens); and so on.

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It is the one and only sex machine museum in the entire world.