Punkbuster not updating bf3

Posted by / 01-Oct-2017 06:06

If the "pbsvc.exe" doesn't exist, download it here: Delete all files inside "C:\Origin Games\Battlefield3\pb"(Not the folder itself, though! that update from them 24 sept is NOT fully compatable with windows 7 FIX THIS PLZ. If you have updated to the most recent Punkbuster version and have been crashing on launch since then, you will want to downgrade the files in your PB folder. They take an eternity between updates & they are ineffective anyway after about a week it seems.If you are dual booting then just boot to Windows 7 or whatever is your secondary OS.If Windows 10 is the only OS you currently have installed and you cannot play then reverting to your previous OS may be the only way to go.I'm running Windows 7 with only Steam, Silverlight, and mouse and game controller drivers. Disabled it, and spent several minutes in a game before being kicked again with an error about Pnk Buster unable to initialize. (-: (This assumes you have installed Punkbuster, and added Battlefield 3 to its games list.) Download PBSVC and run it.If it claims everything is okay ( = green), try running BF3 again.

PBSetup creates a subfolder for the games it registers, and remembers this subfolder's path. I was able to get into a game for a few minutes before getting kicked with an error about "Pnk Bustr not initialized." I removed and re-installed Punkbuster with the link from k1DBLITZ, making sure to select my BF3 installation folder, and now I don't seem to have either Pnk Bustr or Pnk Buster running. I think the next step might just be to re-install Windows.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If a post Answers your question please click on Accept as Solution.Thank players and help them 'Level Up' by giving them XP.If you have, for any reason, relocated the BF3 install, the service won't be able to validate the game, and fail to communicate. I did restart the services, but after getting the Pnk Bstr error and removing and re-installing Punk Buster multiple times, I had neither Pnk Bstr nor Pnk Bustr in the service list any more.As Steve himself pointed out, it might also be the Windows Firewall blocking the Service. So I gave up, wiped the hard drive, and re-installed Windows 7 clean, with only the default options.

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A massive 10 GB download from Origin later, everything now works peachy-keen. Here's hoping that Punk Buster stays working after I re-install Steam.