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A pre-consolidated pre-form and a method of pre-consolidating pre-forms are provided.

Pre-consolidation is a process, whereby gas inside a pre-form is removed and a low porosity is produced.

Once created, you can compare the various scenarios to determine which consolidation strategy best meets your requirements.

It should be constant throughout the stratum of the same geologic origin.

The pre consolidation stress from the laboratory only represent at the sample depth. It can be defined as OCM remains same throughout the data but OCR varies as a function of depth.

Therefore, we can compute the pre consolidation stress at other depths in that stratum by using above equation with initial vertical effective stress at desired depth.

The Committee declared this complaint inadmissible for nonexhaustion of domestic remedies, having concluded that the complainant did not advance sufficient arguments which would justify his failure to avail himself of the possibility to apply for judicial review of his Pre-Removal Risk Assessment decision, or of the humanitarian and compassionate decision in his case.


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