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and then the couple's ENTIRE family and close friends were waiting nearby to celebrate! Something we could look back on and that we both think, ‘WOW, that was amazing, right?'""I wanted it to be a big surprise, something she would never see coming…Austin‘s Max Russo either owns the substation, has lost the substation and is selling sandwiches on the street, OR is overweight and has kids as well. “You know what, she’s killing the game, that’s what she’s doing,” Selena decides. Selena Gomez's rumored relationship with The Weeknd is gearing up to be most the most controversial couplings of 2017, not least of all because of all the possible drama it caused with his ex, Bella Hadid.But will it last or will Selena get sucked in again? They showed him on the jumbotron and the arena booed and he just sat there sulking. Selena Gomez needs someone new and he’s cute enough.

They are taking things slow and getting to know each other."That makes this photo, taken at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, extra awkward.

Possibly in honor of the five-year anniversary of the show’s finale last night, the former Disney co-stars imagined what their characters would be doing today.

Some highlights: David‘s Justin Russo has 15 kids, Jake T.

The kissing photos immediately go viral, in part because Selena is friends with Bella's sister Gigi, making this the perfect recipe for a celebrity #Squad War.

Bella quietly unfollows Selena on Instagram, and so it begins.

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They began dating in August of 2007 and broke up in September of 2007.

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