Advice dating parent single

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Advice dating parent single

Dating-as-a-divorced-mother was an entirely new game, one whose rules -- despite my eagerness to learn them -- remained steadfastly mysterious.

The first thing to accept is that dating a single parent is a game-changer; forget everything you’ve learnt about the ‘rules’ of dating to this point, because many of them just won’t apply here.

Some single parents can also feel the burden of being alone while raising kids on their own.

Some would like to explore the dating scene now and again in hopes of starting on a new relationship.

In my experience, men are often more skilled (or at least faster) at getting back in the game.

I was not in any shape to go out and meet a new love interest, nor was anyone seeking my company (dour divorcee is hardly on the top of anyone's list of desired dates).

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There are times when you will not be able to meet as often as you would like. As a single parent, you should be aware that there might be an ex out there somewhere. There are things that you are allowed to do and things that are off limits.

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