Adult chat on kinect

Posted by / 26-Aug-2017 21:55

In its advertisement for Snapcash, the company makes it seem like a good way for friends to send money to friends, and at face value let's accept that is indeed the case.

Sure, you could use any number of other payment systems to send your friends quick cash, but one more on the market can't hurt.

Use coarse language and the commentators may mention it and the referee may become stricter with fouls and bookings.

You won't get a booking, but storylines will develop in Career Mode when players and managers lose their cool.

In Be A Pro mode you can shout for a pass, send a teammate on a run or call for a shot.

The referees and linesmen listen to what you say, too.

An open Internet is unsafe for children and parenting in this digital age is difficult.

Like come on can we go back to calling each other fa****s and telling each other on the opposite team they suck or throwing insult after insult?

EA has released a video showcasing the voice commands available to Kinect owners who play FIFA 13.

The voice commands let you activate tactics, change formations and trigger substitutions without pausing the game.

In the video, the player swears after being flagged offside.

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The answer is probably yes, but it's one the company doesn't publicly talk about.